Jim Mochulsky


Jim has been steadily climbing the ladder at Cole International Inc. for nearly 30

years through a combination of novel, market-driven, and well-researched sales and operations

practices, as well as consistent hard work and determination.

During his early days with the company, Jim learned the operational requirements of the

individual branch as a Manager, growing into the Manager of Marketing & Operations –

establishing Cole’s Transborder division and expanding freight offices across Canada. As Sales

Manager for Western Canada, Jim expertly grew the sales team through concentrated efforts in

strategic recruitment efforts while implementing aggressive growth targets for the region. It was

during this time that he was also instrumental in the inter-departmental company integration that

blended the sales and customer service teams with operational and Management roles, leading

to the creation of Cole International’s Partnership Program. This program sees middle- and

upper-management participate in customer-service and satisfaction, focusing on customer


Currently Jim is the Vice President of North American Supply Chain based in Houston, Texas.