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We would love to invite you to join us as a member. Membership opportunities for the 2024 year are now available in two different categories.   

This membership will allow you to join the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce professional forum dedicated to companies, entrepreneurs & small business owners doing business across North America!

 Members Will Enjoy

  • Access to our commercial network to foster your company formation and growth in Texas, or expansion into the Canadian market.
  • Invitations high-level networking events held by top executive leaders and government officials.
  • Access to occasional workshops and panels free for our members


The Canada Texas Chamber is a registered 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Our organization caters to:

  • Senior executives and decision makers from major industries
  • Experts relevant to Canadian, US and Texas business
  • Companies and executives committed to building their brands across the Canada-US border; and
  • Companies and individuals interested in doing business with other CTCC Members

We offer two types of memberships

For small businesses, we offer a $500 membership at the corporate level which includes one individual membership.

Select a Small Business Membership Here

For larger Companies, we offer a $1500 membership with four individual memberships.

Select a Corporate Membership Here


 The CTCC has existed for less than two years; here are a few highlights during that time:

  • Receptions honoring special guests including Canadian elected officials and diplomats
  • OTC Week Events: Multinational Monday and Doing Business in Alberta receptions
  • NAFTA Negotiation Panels in Houston and Dallas
  • Global Petroleum Show activities in Alberta 
  • Canada Day Forum & Receptions in Houston and Dallas
  • Gastech Reception
  • Educational sessions on doing cross-border business in North America
  • Television and radio appearances and publications on USMCA and cross border trade
  • Cross Border Investments event in Dallas, Texa

What You Can Expect

We have big plans for 2024 already. We will continue hosting our annual receptions in Houston during the 2024 OTC as well as activities in Alberta during the Global Petroleum Show.  Some of the things on our agenda for the coming year include:

  • Panel events in Houston, Dallas, and Austin on Cross Border Human Capital and Immigration
  • Panel events in Houston, Dallas, and Austin about Mitigating Supply Chain Risks 
  • Energy  Reception in Houston
  • Offshore Technology Conference Receptions in Houston
  • Global Petroleum Show participation in Alberta
  • Educational sessions in Houston, Dallas and Austin on doing business in Canada
  • Educational sessions in Calgary and Toronto on doing business in the United States
  • Professional networking events for Members in Houston, Dallas, and beyond
  • Publications and media on business, legal, and policy news affecting cross border trade
  • Expanded presence in Austin, Texas and Calgary, Alberta.

Last modified: May 13, 2024

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