The Canada-Texas Chamber of exists to foster bilateral trade and commerce between Texas and the provinces of Canada. We are a market advocate and goodwill ambassador for our members. We also facilitate business, make relevant commercial introductions, provide business intelligence and expertise, and assist with the launch of cross-border business operations. Here’s a few ways the Chamber may assist you.


The CTCC is a commercial hub, seeking to facilitate cross border business transactions between Canadian and Texan businesses.

Matchmaking and Networking

The CTCC strives to make relevant commercial introductions for our members including mentors, partners, investors and even customers. As we learn about your business we can better help you build relevant commercial relationships and identify opportunities.

We offer free initial advice to our members about entering markets in Texas and Canada.  When professional services are necessary, we refer qualified professionals on both sides of the border.

Trade Missions

We can facilitate meetings for members with industry contacts, distributors, agents, partners, buyers and sellers. These trade missions might include briefings from government officials and other experts to keep members apprised of upcoming business opportunities. To submit information about trade mission opportunities, trade shows and conferences, contact us at

Northern Network

CTCC is building a “Northern Network” of Canadian professional firms, Canadian chambers and government agencies. The Norther Network can help you:

  • find partnership opportunities in Canada
  • commercialize technologies and distribute products across Canada
  • identify partners for new research and development
  • find relevant trade shows, conferences and networking events in Canada
  • learn how Canadian federal and provincial laws and regulations affect you

If you are a Canadian professional, expert or public-sector official who would like to participate in our growing Northern Network, contact us at


Through publications, white papers, private briefings with government officials, matchmaking with industry professionals, and Know How events with policy and industry experts, we strive to keep our members informed of best practices, policy proposals and developments in cross border activities.

Know How Events

The CTCC periodically hosts Know How events to foster relationships between members, to equip our members with greater expertise in cross border business, and to keep our members informed of legal and regulatory proposals that might affect their businesses.

Expert Network

The CTCC and its network of government agency officials, industry professionals and other experts  can provide comment on cross-border business and policy issues and offer member case studies or provide engaging speakers and authors. If you would like to be considered for future opportunities as a speaker or author as part of the CTCC expert network, contact us at

Training courses

From time to time, the CTCC plans to offer training courses designed to develop our members informed about the regulatory regime affecting international trade, such as export documentation, goods and services taxes, immigration and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Courses will be led by accredited, experienced trainers. If you would like to suggest a training course or inquire about leading a training course, contact us at


CTCC acts as an informal cross-border accelerator for companies launching cross-border business activities. We empower business owners and entrepreneurs to take their companies global, using:

  • Business intelligence, mentoring, briefings and consultations, and training opportunities
  • Our network of experts and public-sector officials in Texas and Canada
  • Networking, matchmaking and trade mission facilitation


CTCC works with Canadian companies entering the Texas marketplace. We provide high level tax and legal information about company formation, legal and regulatory frameworks for operating in Texas, referrals to qualified professionals and experts, and where appropriate, introductions to industry professionals, potential partners and public-sector officials to assist you with exporting into Texas or setting up new business operations.


CTCC is a marketplace advocate and goodwill ambassador for companies doing cross-border business between Canada and Texas. As a non-partisan organization, CTCC will work with Texas and Canadian industry and government officials CTCC’s cross-border policy engagement to facilitate the expansion of cross-border trade and investment.

We strive to facilitate cross-border trade between Canada and Texas by:

  • Championing the historic relationship and strong ties between the US and Canada;
  • Advocating bilateral trade focused public policy; and
  • Facilitating collaboration with other organizations, businesses and public-sector officials.

If you wish to submit public policy whitepapers for our consideration, please review the publication submission requirement located here.


The CTCC can facilitate travel with itinerary suggestions and assistance in finding venues for events and meetings. We can also inform traveling members about local events and opportunities to meet with fellow members during trips.

When members are relocating internationally, we can recommend qualified professionals to assist with immigration and leasing or buying offices, warehouses and industrial space.