Getting Products or Services to Market

Once you have decided your structure for entering the US, you have to decide how you will initially take your products or services to market. First, make sure you can lawfully sell your product or service in the US or the states where you want to do business. But, depending on your business, there may be various permits, licenses or import clearances you will need.

You will also need to decide whether to import UK or other foreign products into the US and comply with any custom and trade laws.

Alternatively, you might decide to manufacture or assemble your product in the US. You will have to determine your supply chain and enter into contracts with suppliers and vendors. Also, you could consider having your products made by a contract manufacturer in the US under an OEM agreement.

Once you have figured out how to manufacture your product, you will need to determine how to sell it. If you are a retail shop, the answer is probably straightforward: Sell the product directly in your store or via ecommerce. But, if you are an industrial manufacturer, you will have to decide whether to do direct sales or do sales and marketing through sales representatives or distributors. If you choose the latter, you will want to ensure that you have properly documented the relationship with a sales representative agreement or distribution agreement.

Written by : Doug McCullough –

Last modified: May 13, 2024