Series Commences on July 20 Showcasing Montreal’s Cross-Border Success in Working with Texas and Across North America to Bolster the Clean-tech Ecosystem

HOUSTON and DALLAS, Texas (July 12, 2021) –   The Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce (CTCC),  a commercial hub seeking to facilitate cross border business transactions between Canadian and Texan businesses, is partnering with Montreal International, an economic development organization, for the first of a new series of webinars addressing how companies looking to expand beyond traditional tech hubs such as Silicon Valley are focusing on both Canada and Texas – and sometimes the two together – as new ecosystems for innovation and technological development.

The first CTCC Tech Destinations panel, focusing on Montreal, will be held on July 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM CT/10:00 AM ET (

The panel features the following speakers:

  • Laurence Fouquette-L’Anglais, Director, Business Development, Montreal International
  • Sylvian Carle, Second Muse and Clio Fund
  • Juliana Garaizar, Greentown Labs
  • Jean-Simone Venne, Brainbox AI

“We partnered with Montreal International because of the ‘untold story’ of growing cross-border linkages between Texas and Montreal,” said Doug McCullough, Co-President and Director of the CTCC, who will moderate the discussion. “Montreal International has been pivotal in fueling Montreal’s remarkable economic renaissance, and which supported a record 90 projects in 2020 alone, creating over 8,000 jobs. These results helped position Montreal among the most resilient and successful cities in North America, despite the COVID pandemic.”

McCullough also noted Montreal-based companies are rapidly expanding collaboration with partners in Texas and elsewhere in North America, especially in the fast-growing fields of smarter, cleaner technology, artificial intelligence (AI), aerospace, video gaming, life sciences and visual effects/animation. 

The webinar presents unique opportunities for Texas-based businesses to learn more about cross-border business opportunities for market expansion, how to best benefit from Montreal’s vibrant growth as a tech hub and what key trends in the post-COVID environment are attracting tech investment and job growth.


The Canada-Texas Chamber of exists to foster bilateral trade and commerce between Texas and all provinces of Canada. We are a market advocate and goodwill ambassador for our members. We also facilitate business, make relevant commercial introductions, provide business intelligence and expertise, and assist with the launch of cross-border business operations. With chapters in Dallas and Houston, we have raised awareness of the importance of Canada-Texas trade and served as an advocate for a better understanding of the business importance of both markets to one another.


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President, Dallas Chapter

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Last modified: April 21, 2022