As more tech companies expand their presence beyond traditional hubs like the Silicon Valley, new ecosystems for innovation and investment are emerging. In the first of our Tech Destinations series, we explore Montreal as a burgeoning international tech hub. Not only is Montreal a local hub for innovation in artificial intelligence and climate change technologies, Montreal companies are collaborating with partners in the United States and Texas to develop smarter, cleaner tech. We explore opportunities for collaboration as well as crossborder investment.


Canada- Texas Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Montreal Tech International, invites you to a conversation on crossborder tech collaboration featuring: 

Sylvain Carle, Second Muse and Clio Fund

Juliana Garaizar, Greentown Labs

Jean-Simon Venne, Brainbox AI

Moderated by Doug McCullough, Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce

Opening comments by Laurence Fouquette-L’Anglais, Director of Business Development for the Americas at Montréal International

When: July 20, 2021 9am CST

Register for the digital event here

Last modified: July 9, 2021