July 1st marks 150 years of Canadian Confederation. Looking back on the history of the Canada-U.S. relationship, it is easy to see why we’ve become friends, partners, and allies. Looking forward, it’s clearly in our mutual interest to continue to work together to build stronger economies. Approximately 9 million American jobs depend on trade with Canada, and we have an integrated energy network and supply chains. Our economies are inextricably linked, and prosperity is best achieved when we work closely together.

The 150th anniversary celebration was hosted by the Consulate of Canada at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. It feature performances by British Columbia’s Twin Kennedy (opening with Canada’s National Anthem), Ottawa’s Prairie Fire Métis Jiggers, and Nova Scotia’s Jon Mullane. Prior to the celebration, the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce hosted a networking reception at the offices of the Dallas Regional Chamber.


Last modified: March 10, 2018