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01. Commercial Hub

The CTCC is a commercial hub, seeking to facilitate cross border business transactions between Canadian and Texan businesses.

02. Crossborder Facilitator

CTCC acts as an informal cross-border facilitator for companies launching cross-border business activities. We empower business owners and entrepreneurs to take their companies global, using:

  • Business intelligence, briefings and consultations
  • Our network of experts and public-sector officials in Texas and Canada

03. Texas Launchpad

CTCC works with Canadian companies entering the Texas marketplace. We provide high level tax and legal information about company formation, legal and regulatory frameworks for operating in Texas, referrals to qualified professionals and experts, and where appropriate, introductions to industry professionals, potential partners and public-sector officials to assist you with exporting into Texas or setting up new business operations.

04. Public Policy

CTCC is a marketplace advocate and goodwill ambassador for companies doing cross-border business between Canada and Texas. As a non-partisan organization, CTCC will work with Texas and Canadian industry and government officials CTCC’s cross-border policy engagement to facilitate the expansion of cross-border trade and investment.

We strive to facilitate cross-border trade between Canada and Texas by:

  • Championing the historic relationship and strong ties between the US and Canada;
  • Advocating bilateral trade focused public policy; and
  • Facilitating collaboration with other organizations, businesses and public-sector officials.

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Evolutionary change constantly remoulds the conditions for a successful politics of sustainability.



Institute for Social Change and Sustainability

Matter of issues of sustainability


The ISCH explores the interdependence of the development of modern societies and their discourses and politics of sustainability. It approaches issues of sustainability, which elsewhere are often addressed from a natural sciences, economic or technological point of view, from an explicitly social scientific perspective. Social change is not primarily a normative demand for us, but we conceptualise it first and foremost as an ever evolving reality, the causes, implications and effects of which we only partially understand. Accordingly, our key question is how this evolutionary change constantly remoulds the conditions for a successful politics of sustainability, and how it changes the understanding of sustainability itself.  

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Personal Bankruptcy Closed 49%
Law Cases Approved 67%
Fiskal Empowered Organizations 76%

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The housing crisis is the most serious issue.

Issue that is making every other challenge harder, particularly for low-income families. This critical effort holds great promise for finding local and regional solutions.


The Chamber has been such an amazing partner for us at the Government of Ontario- Trade and Investment Office in Dallas, Texas. We look forward to continuing the partnership.
Jag Badwal, Ontario Agent General ( Dallas)
Jag Badwal
Ontario Agent General (Dallas)